Sunday, December 30, 2007

Down with the sickness.

So my dad who happens to be patient zero got me sick over the week. Since friday i've been feeling progressivly worse however I havent been tired and have been keeping up polyphasing. I've been doing better than ever, not even getting drowsy at the wee hours. Unfortunately I am living in my own personal hell with no escape from the feeling of disease. I'm taking zinc. lots and lots of zinc to battle this cold. Fucking cock this sucks so hard.

So I thought I would try to sleep it off this morning and not set an alarm. I go to sleep at 7 am and wake up at 11 am. I slept 4 hours and I felt pretty terrible. So I'm pretty sure that polyphasing is the way to go for me for now. I'ma battle this cold and continue polyphasing until I start going into fever dreams or have to go to the hospital. What I worry though is that I've slowly gotten a resistance to general stress that I wont know when I'm too sick.

Friday, December 28, 2007

3 weeks polyphasic

21 days
504 hours over 3 weeks
2.5 hours a night ideal
84 naps
2100 minutes asleep
35 hours asleep polyphased
168 hours asleep normally

I am somewhere between 50-60 hours of sleep over the past 3 weeks. I still have issues between 3-7 am its the most brutal time of them all. I've been noticing that I've been having dreaming naps and then also deep sleep naps. The deep sleep naps are the hardest to wake up from and they tend to happen late at night when I am the most drowsy. Its pretty crazy and I'm assuming i'll be addapted soon. Unfortunately I'm brain dead right now so writing this is probably not such a good idea. I hve 2 minutes before myu 5 am nap which I am really excited for. I hope its a dream nap because my body feels fine its just my mind is going all widdershins.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Polyphasic Christmas

So I took a nap at my friends christmas party during the yankee swap. I took a nap in the middle of my own families christmas party.

Good god I love this. I am the never ending juggernaught of awakitude.

Things I've noticed recently is that I yawn before naps now which is a sign my body is almost ready to be fully adapted. I am no longer tired in the day or most of the nights. Certain nights are still issues though. I almost exclusively have the magical compressed 8 hour naps.

I've also noticed that my brain ramps down about 30 minutes before naptime. I get really dumb and disoriented before naptime. I've also noticed that the rest of the population tends to do this too. Except when they do it its over the course of like 2 hours and its like they've been drugged. I'm starting to get creeped out at night by the fact that everyone passes out. By 3-4 am nobody is awake. I am the only one. Its like I am will smith in I am legend regardless of if I have seen it or not.

The people return to their pods at night.

speedy night

I havent really been doing much, but the night flew by... I didnt even notice it was 5 am.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I was doing great untill now! well 4:00 am. I had not overslept since monday! Nooooo! This egg timer might be adorable but the alarm doesn't have the waking power that I need. I now have to shop for a new timer. Goddamnit

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lucid dream

So I thought I had lucid dreams in the past. Apparently I had no idea what I was talking about. This was so vivid and the feelings and the sensations were so different from anything else I've experienced. I could feel everything.

I dont know what tipped me off that it was a dream, there was some kind of static disturbance before I "realized" what was going on. Right before that I was in some kind of intense dream where someone had come down my driveway late at night, this also happened to be at my house which happened to burst into flames.

Anyways at the moment of realization I had a choice whether to stick with the dream or go out on my own. I made the best choice, I remembered what my teacher mentioned he did whenever he lucid dreamed which was to fly. So I did, I walked out of my house and leapt into the air. I started hurtling through the air I could feel the pressure from the air and the wind buffeting my limbs. The simulation felt perfect so I decided since it was a dream I can do almost anything. It was dark so I decided to make it daytime and I did, I chose around 2 pm as the time and the sun fucking rose. Time literally shifted into the future for everything but me I assume. At this point I felt the presence of another, like a legitimate other mind was here with me not like the rest of these inhabitants of this world. Something intelligent was here with me and it was not me. This scared me beyond my wits. I thought to myself this is obviously a fabrication but I felt it probing my mind as if it was aware of me just as I was of it. I pushed whatever this phantom was away from me. I flew up into the farther reaches of the atmosphere and it was getting colder and I began to worry about if I can die in a dream like this and what would happen. So I fabricated myself a suit to brave the elements and a oxygen supply. I ended up in space just floating there in the peacefulness of the void. It was an incredible experience. After that the thought of the extra mind just kind of faded as I continued to experiment with what I could do. I flew back to earth but spotted a plane on the way. I don't know why the world persists when you realize you are dreaming. I phased through the walls of the plane, it was complete down to the luggage that I saw for a split second while passing through the walls of the compartments. They were serving drinks on the plane at this time so I phased through the stewardess used my hand which became solid. Took the coke that she was handing to a passenger and downed it. The people were like, "OH GOD WTF JUST HAPPENED!?" which is a suprising reaction to me from dreamworld inhabitants. Its strange how the simulation is so detailed that even other people have reactions to what you do. It is such a life filled world that it really supprised me. But then again someone just phased t It was like the ultimate videogame. I then went back down to earth after harassing the people on the plane. I flew through boston through walls, apparently found a photoshoot changed who the model was the photography team freaked out as I continued through the area. I could read newspapers, I could watch tv, I could see my reflection in mirrors, I could do all these things that are normally not associated with dreams. The dream ended when I lost control and started vomiting hats. Like full hats came out of my mouth.

I'm incredibly humbled by the fact that I could not discern reality from this fiction through my senses. The dream people and their ability to adapt to what I did to disrupt them.

I might skip my 5:00 am spacer nap due to fear of meeting up with the mysterious presence again. Also I feel super refreshed, I am shaking right now. Due to one of 3 factors, adrenaline due to the fact that I had a true lucid dream. Its effing cold so I'm shivering. Last but not least fear of the other mind.

Guys... I think I finally snapped.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2 weeks as of 20 minutes ago!

Woooo. I just passed I milestone, obviously I'm fully adapted(sarcasm). I'm using my dads laptop because well its really hard to stay awake when you don't have something to do. Well I do have things to do it's just that I live with people and it would disrupt them. I cannot watch tv and other things like that out of courtesy. 7 more hours till the family wakes up and I can stop being in a marathon reading session. I started at 7:30 pm lost track of time 11 PM hit I fell asleep woke up and called my friend. Who apparently thinks whenever I'm not in his visual range that I am asleep.

This last week has been a issue. Without the computer I have not realized how much it effects the way I socialize with my friends. I've been recently told by multiple people that "they have not seen me in a while" which I've seen in person just last week. Having to borrow peoples computers to use email is a big pain. Something else I've noticed is that I feel a disconnect from the hivemind. I'm feeling almost withdrawls from this experience not being able to access the wisdom of the human race at my fingertips. I need to get my ether fix somehow.

There are some nice side effects though, due to my I guess feeling of loneliness brought on by this BS I've been talking to people just out in the world more. I've been just blathering at co-workers more than just the office banter. Like I ask riddles and strange questions that I think are important like, "If your hands caught on fire would you use your new found powers for good or evil?" Out at the mall I was spending like 10-20 minutes just talking to the people behind the registers when they weren't busy. It was pretty cool I guess people help you out more when you get to know them it seems. Like just trading names is enough to create somewhat of a bond which let me tell you is an eerie experience. It feels like a guard gets taken down immediately and then the part where people can start laughing at each other and themselves can commence.

Either that or I've been hallucinating the entire day. I've got a very Matrix/The Cave/Descartes kind of thing going on. I guess I can't really tell if I am awake or asleep at this point or when it is or who it is or why. I'll talk more about the finer things in life later, right now I want to get back to my book about space faring dolphins.

On a side note done christmas shopping. Woo. Oh and the oversleep on monday didn't completely ruin me. I had a time dialation sleep this afternoon and again at 11.

Guh madness.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I crashed at 3Pm woke up at 11pm. So I got 8 hours of suck. Its so hard to stay awake without stimulation. I drew for about 6 hours, read for 2 and attempted to work with clay but unfortunately it dried out. My oversleep sucked real hard and I hope the adaption period doesnt take much longer. Like hopefully only adding about 2-3 days to it.

Ihop tonight for the glory of Amn

Sunday, December 16, 2007

glorious time dialation

I had another sleep where it felt like a good 8 hours had passed. I woke up 2 minutes before the alarm went off in complete shock wondering if I had overslept again. I checked the alarm and thought, holy hell... I did it. This was the second time I've woken up before the alarm ever in this experiment. I felt great, I got up went downstairs to confirm only 25 minutes had passed and glorious success was had. I am 100% coherent I am feeling lucid and I'm less tired than my friend who got a full nights sleep. I'm actually feeling normal today. THIS IS AWESOME! TOTALLY RHOMBUS!

Oh on another note turns out the mass highway towed my car to the newton rest stop for some reason and didn't mention it to the Concord state police. The Framingham state police had a record of where it was and we just went and picked it up. Turns out the alternator blew and thats why my car died. I need to get a new car because this one is just falling apart like my knee used to.

I wish I could say gypsies stole my car. Oh well...

Time to play some DoTA

friggan hell

So, last I talked to my friend the things he said did not really make any sense. He was wispering and mentioned something about not being able to get on the computer. This can mean one of 2 things. This kid has 2 laptops and is the laziest man in the world.

#1 He succumbed to madness
#2 He wasn't home or something.

But enough of that.

I succumb to madness too for the most difficult nap I have... The damn 7:00 am one. Its always been a problem one. Every other nap goes by fine and dandy but this one is such a bitch. Its been the biggest hurdle from the beginning. What happened today is that I came upstairs at 7:30 went to sleep for like a minute. My other friends alarm went off. (Who wakes up 7:30 on a weekend, seriously) So I had about a minute of sleep I reset my alarm and go to bed. I wake up disoriented don't realize that I had slept reset my alarm and pass out again.

Fuck you 7:00 AM stop givin me problems. This is the third time something like this has happened. 7:00 AM is also the only time where I feel tired.

I am adapting well but if theres times where I don't belive I have full control of my actions or the mental clarity to deal with situations as simple as that I hope that the adaptation period finishes soon.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

another super resfull nap

25 minutes strangely felt like 8 hours. Good lawd.

3 pm sleep

I went to sleep for 25 minutes and it was the most restfull nap of my life. It felt like I was out for 8 hours. It was fucking epic, I had like 2-3 dreams and all that shit. I woke up and I was like goddamn did I sleep an entire night?

Day 9 Cycle 8

A friend has started attempting polyphasic sleep tonight. I honestly don't think hes going to last till monday. Were gonna hang out over night tomorrow and I'm gonna watch him pass out :P

Still going strong I'm more tired since yesterday but thats probably because of the break I took due to huge amounts of stress... Goddamn gypsies stole my car!

Friday, December 14, 2007


The state trooper had no idea where my car was so he gave me a explanation. Gypsies took my car.

wensday to friday the strange effects and amazing journey.

So I have been without a personal computer for a while so I havent posted because HP sucks balls.

7:00 AM
I had just woken up from my nap that I pushed forward in order to go on a walk with my mom and dog. During this nap a strange effect happened that I just brushed aside until later. I felt like I had lifted out of my body but was still attached to it by a series of tethers or strands. I was thinking to myself is this what astral projection is like? Not that I actually belive in that stuff. Then I blacked out and woke up at 7:00:am Regardless it was a strange and weird experience. I'm glad there were no githyanki around with their silver swords or I would have been done for.

The rest of Wednesday went off without a hitch I lasted the night without oversleep and I felt great on thursday.

1:00:pm It starts snowing outside to which was told that we were going to get 6-10 inches in a matter of hours. Since this is new england and the weathermen are always wrong I didn't think that it would be that bad. An email went out at work that said get out before 2 because the storm might actually be that bad. So we left as soon as possible, the traffic was already so bad that it took me roughly half an hour to get from my work to the highway which was less than a mile away. After getting on the highway the traffic was just as bad and this went on for another two hours.

3:00 pm (missed nap)
I was still stuck in traffic but I was going to pull off the road to go to a friends house instead of my home because the traffic was absolutely horrific and the snow was really coming down. At around 3:30 pm lights in my car start coming on and off and the engine starts reving for no reason. Then the car dies, in the middle of the highway surrounded by traffic with the biggest blizzard in two to three years coming down on my head. After about 10-15 minutes of sitting in the middle of the highway trying to push my car to the side. Two people helped me shove the dead vehicle to the side. I called tripple A which was busy. Then I called the police, within 2 minutes a cruiser shows up and says they called a tow truck. My friend who was 30 minutes behind me in traffic pulls over to the side and offers me a ride. I said I was waiting for a tow truck and thats what I thought what was going to happen at the time. So he left me there and continues to his home. Took him 7 and a half hours for him to get home.

At around 4:30 the police dont come with a tow truck my car is dead and I'm starting to freeze. At around 5 I see hazard lights coming down the street and hope starts to well up in my heart. The lights come closer and start to pass. I cant really see out of the window because of the snow caked on the side. I open the door after the lights pass because I think that why had parked in front of me to get my car on the tow truck. Turns out theres a three foot snowbank between my car and the highway now. The fucking plows trapped me in. I stopped the one at the end and asked him what I should do. He said just wait for a tow truck. I get back in the car there is no heat left in the vehicle. I cant feel my feet and some of my legs at this point, I call my dad and ask when he can come pick me up and he said maybe 2 hours from now. I tell him that I might just get a ride from someone because things might get very dangerous for me soon. Moments later a 18 wheeler drives over the snowbank and almost smashes my car into oblivion with me in it. 20 minutes later I get out of my car because I cant feel my feet and I don't want to lose them so I start waving people down. A SUV pulls over and talks to me for a moment I ask if I can get a ride. The guy driving it says, "Sure thing" and then just drives off cause hes a cocksucker. The next person that comes by actually lets me in and I start warming my feet. I ask her where shes going and thank god that shes not a crazy person.

Turns out she is heading in the same direction I was and makes plans to drop me off at a dunkin donuts. I call my dad and he says he'll met us there. He is actually behind us on the same highway in traffic at this point. So for the next four or so hours I talk to this woman, turns out she was pretty cool and invites me to a gingerbread cookie party on sunday. My dad calls me and mentions that hes past the dunkin donuts because theres no where to park and goes on to a gas station nearby. The woman is confused as to how my dad got there before we did and I mentioned that hes a wizard with traffic. Which he is, so we get to the gas station an hour and a half later and I'm traded off to my dad. I havent eaten since breakfast and it was 8:00 or 9:00 pm at this point. We walked to a super market and bought some chicken which I immediatly scarfed. It took us till about 9:30 to get back home and I called my friends to let them know I didnt freeze to death like I thought I would. So this is the worst that the traffic has ever been. My dad whos been in MA for 35 years had never seen traffic like this. I make a joke about treating myself with 30 minute naps and then I head upstairs to lay down. I fall unconsious and sleep. I wake up at the times I normally wake up when I take the naps considering its been a week and I felt almost normal while under polyphasic sleep. But I slept through all of them and woke up officially at 8:30.


Well I've been calling towing companies and the state police in attempts to locate my car. I also need to talk to the company that just repaired my car 2 days earlier because they were working on the electrical system and thats what seemed to kill my car yesterday.

I took my 11:00 am nap and it was the strangest nap I've ever taken.

Remember how I mentioned the strange effect on the 7:00 am nap on Wednesday? Thats nothing in comparison to what happened today. I went to my nap I was concerned since I slept through the night last night that I would be unable to sleep. I start to feel the pulses of my mind ramping down and dragging me into the unconsious and then the phone rings and jarrs me awake. However my mind continued ramping down. My body started tingling and locked up in sleep paralysis but I was consious of this. I start typing on a keyboard and entering some information into a computer. Then I remember that I'm not alseep but paralyzed on my bed. So I start typing things and then I return to staring at the backs of my eyelids. Then I'm somewhere else eating lunch with this person at a diner. I know I'm awake so I'm looking around this diner and I then try to look at the person I'm sitting across from's face and I snap back to my eyelids again. Then I start to think that I'm dreaming or something so I start probing around in my mind trying to figure out ways to force myself back into the dream. I manage to pull it off just long enough to attempt to look at the persons face again and I snap back out. This happens 2-3 more times before my alarm goes off and I regain full control of my body.

Honestly this is the weirdest thing that has happened to me since I started this polyphasic thing. Maybe there is something to what these new age religion people babble endlessly about. Although I do not belive in that and I will not, but maybe there is a biological function that they are playing off?

I dont know where my car is :(

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hell yeah

No oversleep at 3 am. God I hope 7 am goes as well.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I just threw up in my mouth.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hot damn

Its like
some day
and I have a headache...


I', doing badass today...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

6:20 time to kick ass

So my team fortress server is down for the night. SUCH SADNESS. But so far no zombie mode or madness set in this morning. Going for a new record of badas.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

All my friends are grandmas its only 12:30 and everyones asleep. Goddamnit. I never expected to feel that when people get tired and go to sleep to be what seems to be a disturbing act. It feels like they've been drugged or something. This only gets creepier the longer I do it. Its day 3 of this new adaption period.. or 4? Its sunday technically but I cant really seem to keep track of days like I used to where I would wake up and its a new day. I didn't know it was saturday.

Friday, December 7, 2007

much easier than last time

I don't know what to post other than I'm adapting 2x as fast as last time. I'm eerily enough feeling almost good again. The low point was at 3 pm today when I went into full blown zombie mode. the problem is constantly doing things. Its cold as shit and there is nothing more that I want to do than to get into bed and get under the sheets. UNFORTUNATELY THE MOMENT I DO THAT I WILL GO TO ZOMBIE MODE! Guh...

Round 3 Began today

Round 3 began today, I dream when I take the naps now and my normal sleep schedule is so effed up it doesnt even really seem to matter whats happening anymore. I'm kinda tired right now, I'm excited for the first day of adjustment again... Oh god its going to suck but I'm going into work wicked early and leaving wicked early. So I'll be home before noon.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Post experiment.

I am going to see a doctor on wensday about the long term effects of polyphasic sleep so I know if I can do it for a long period of time without suffering major health effects, like dying 10 years too soon.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

End of Experiment

So the experiment is over I feel really weird right now and completely discombobulated. It will probably be about a week before I'm re adjusted to how time flows again. I seriously have no idea what time or day it is if you ask me.

This conversation pretty much sums up the last couple days.

Me: been sleeping for like the past 2 days :p
Me: I would have told you I declared the experiment over and that it was a success
Me: that it was sustainable
Me: but
Me: I woke up 2 days later :p
Me: so apparently even though I felt more normal than I do now
Me: I had massive sleep debt :P
Friend: um
Friend: nice
Friend: so your body finally rebelled :P
Me: rofl
Me: by rebelled you mean usurped the throne :p
Me: and then burned down all the farms
Me: and freed the dragons
Me: so now theres nothing but brimstone and sulfur raining down upon the countryside

Now I think I'm a try to learn a language.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving madness

Thanksgiving has caused an interesting effect psychologically to this whole ordeal. Since days are starting to blur together as micro weeks the fact that thanksgiving lasted through 3 micro days it felt far longer than I expected. I've got a headache and I wonder when it will go away considering usually when I get a headache I go to sleep. I wonder if its sleep dep finally kicking in to the max. Also drinking doesnt seem to help the polyphasic sleep. I'm mega tired right now and I dont know if I will make it to my 3 am nap so I am going to take it at 2:30, also to catch my favorite tv show. At around 4 am I plan to go to best buy and hang out with the crazy people who woke up to shop wicked early. I don't understand it at all, I just want a copy of unreal tournament 3.

5:45 AM

Hey, I actually haven't gone into zombie mode yet. I can remember what happened in the last 10 minutes. Dude... I feel so much better than I used to at this time. I am hungry though, maybe I should start eating breakfast at around this time. I can think, I can read. I'm doing a-ok!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 7 Cycle 6

Seems to be going alright so far, Feeling more normal and better than I did before. We'll see how I deal with the 3 am nap. I am going to take out the extra naps at night because I think they are actually hindering my adaption at this point.

Day 6 Cycle 5

Dawn is close, soon I shall walk and then head to work. Oh god please no zombie mode today. Every time I take my 11 am nap, all my problems seem to be solved. Why do I get the best sleep upright in the seat of my car?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


No zombie mode as of yet. Major change is that when I'm not alseep I'm not on or near my bed. I'm sitting on a couch with my laptop.

Monday, November 19, 2007

11:00 PM

I feel kind of like I am a time traveler moving through an event in bursts rather than seeing the whole picture at once. Every four hours I miss 25 minutes but it never stops the story keeps going but I always miss that small burst of time. These are some really strange feelings I'm never going to get used to am I? Well I'm hopefully going to get some work done. My next quantum leap is at 1:00

Oh Boy!

First day back to work.

So I get more and more tired as I take naps between 3 am to 7 am. At 7 am I go walk the dog with my mom because I assume that this will prevent me from entering zombie mode and feeling like crap for the rest of the day. Oh man was I wrong. From 7 am to 11 am I felt pretty awful and seriously considered quitting. I was having microsleeps while awake which are pretty dangerous and unproductive. Luckilly I got to work before I started microsleeping. So at 11 I mosey on out to my car and set my timer and my phone to 25 minutes. I close my eyes and about 10-20 seconds later I wake up to the sound of my cell phone. I still feel generally groggy but as I get back to work I have all this extra energy that I did not have before. Now I'm pretty excited because I just got a second wind or whatever. But I'm also dreading more zombie mode days in the future. At 3 pm I went to sleep very quickly like I did before. No dreams or anything but now I feel pretty great. I have a suspicion that todays zombie mode was so strenuos because I did not get enough sleep in my 7-11 naps the day before.

back at 7:30 :P

Sunday, November 18, 2007

day 5 cycle 4

It feels like this weekend has gone on for ever. Like its been a week or something, I went into zombie mode again but it lasted less time. I was only zombified from 5-10 today where I was doing things but I have no memory. Probably talking to that damn wall again. Its great for conversation.

I'm suprised that this is working.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

day 4 cycle 3

I'm feeling pretty great, I continually sleep during every nap. I've woken up before a nap was finished once. The frequency of dreams seems to be slowering. My mental capacities seem to be returning and I'm fearing the zombie mode that I might turn into again tonight. Apparently last night I started staring at a wall almost endlessly. But so far it seems like I'm going to be successfull in this battle. I took 3 naps during an all day lan this is an epic amount of gaming. I dont know what I'm going to do tonight to grind down the night. I'm going to try to draw most of the night and train my left hand to write.

5 am - 10 Am

ZOMBIE MODE, I dont remember what I did here except wake up to my alarm at 5 and 7 and then set it for 11.

Once i woke up from my 11 Am nap I feel pretty much normal. Zombie mode is scarry so I'm getting my friend to come drive me around so I don't go back into it and die while attempting to get anywhere. I have little to no idea what happened so I might have stared at a wall for 6 hours. I think thats what happened. I looked at my computer and things had changed so obviously I used it. I was watching the office before it happened.

3 AM

i HAVE YET TO OVERSLEEP but I am so out of it. I'm doing alot better than last time, I dont feel like this is tortuere or taht I want to die. I feel really exhausted though, no splitting headache this time. I'm doing so much better. I must survive to 5 am thank god for neflxist

Friday, November 16, 2007

naps up to 3 pm success

So far I have not overslept so far this run. Something I notiecd is that 2 hours before nap time I star declining in energy massivly. Like at this point I had to shake myself out of it in order to type this. Before wrting this I was staring at my celing for 30 minutes opening and closing my mouth like I was some kind of fish. Something lives in my wall I think its kinda big, like big rodent not like
bear. Celing bears...

7:00 AM

Oh shit I made it the night I feel like death but I will be ok,

This movie is so bad

me: omg

me: does kevin sorbo not know how to horse?

me: I think they used a stunt double

me: for him riding a horse

friend: rofl

me: This seems like walking tall

me: but without the tension

me: or the racial issues

me: god he better use a 2x4

me: if there isnt one

friend: rofl

me: there will be problems

friend: its a sequel to a terrible movie :P

me: I'ma immediately pop in ghost rider :p

me: actually it wasnt SO bad :p

me: I thought it was unique

me: with the whole beating people with sticks thing

friend: rofl it was direct to video :P

friend: the sequel

me: yeah I knowme: its pretty awful

me: by awful I mean I cant wait till 5 am

me: so I can sleep

me: instead of watching this

friend: lol the daughter of the guy who the movie is about condemmned the film :P

me: the first one?

me: or the terrible terrible sequel

friend: theyre still based on the same guy

me: lol what?

me: hes no longer black? :P


friend: and the rock is hardly black :P

me: hes like

me: wtf is the rock

me: hes uhhme: samoan?

friend: hawaiian

friend: well

friend: half

me: I dont think the sequel was based on the original dude

me: its just like

me: some random guy in texas

me: who used to be hercules

me: and now hes like

me: a starship captain

me: of a time traveling warship called andromeda

friend: rofl

me: This is how I justify this movie

me: he has gone back in time

me: to the 90's

me: to repair the time stream by making a really bad movie

me: with a paper thin plot

friend: lolololol

me: theres just people driving trucks

me: that are vaguely upsetme: I have no idea why

3:00 AM

Ok I woke up so I'm watching movies to keep awake. I'm actually pretty alert considering I actually slept. But I'm watching walking tall 2: thebullshit

It is so bad that I don't know what would be worse. Overlseeping or continuing to watch this movie. But since I dont want to wuss out again I'm going to keep steadfast. I have this movie and ghost rider to watch. This movie is SO BAD.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


So I've kept up with the naps and kept sleeping normal hours as well. It turns out its helping me actually fall asleep during the naps. I think Its going to help me adjust, tonight is my first night going at this BS again. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

3 pm nap 2 dreams 25 minutes

Cant remember em dont know why but I woke up at 11 minutes left and then passed out again. Mmm sleep

Sunday, November 11, 2007

end fo reals

damnit it sucks hard... maybe I'll try next weekend... Next post thursday.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

11:00 PM

I felt like I was in space. Other than that nothing interesting... more DoTA

7:00 PM NAP

Why am I still doing this? Goddamnit theres videogames to be had.

WTF part 2

So I had a dream, that I had woken up went to tom's computer and played DoTA. I think I'm trapped between schedules. Lets see how a slow adaption works as opposed to a full blown head first bullshit fest where I want deaths sweet embrace. I'm not gonna lie but I'm stuck in some kinda crazy half and half sleep schedule. I got 2 hours sleep last night cause I thought I was going to just end it but my body took over and said FU go nap. So I dunno whats up. Mebbe this is a good thing to adapt gradually than to eff yourself over. Like retain some sleep at night and just add in the naps for routine and gradually take off the sleep at night. THIS INTRIGUES ME. So I'ma do my regular naps and see where it takes me.


So I thought I stopped this ubersleep schedule... Uhh Apparently my body wants to nap again... I'm going to see where this goes.


This torture isnt worth it just to be bored an extra 6 hours a day.

What am I going to do while my computer is rendering?

Friday, November 9, 2007

1:30 AM

I'm still awake. I guess I must be doing something right because I'm not super tired. I just feel really shaken up by the rhythm of the naps. I dont know if I've actually slept because I havent had any dreams.

Friend sent me a link to this


11:00 PM

Nap went kinda well tom woke me up halfway through it. I'm pretty sure this is some kind of torture and I hope I dont die from it. I felt like I almost nodded off I must have considering I feel alot less tired now. I don't know how this is working it just is I've been up for 2 days straight and I don't want to die completely yet. I had a burrito for dinner. I found this fruit juice that I've been drinking starwberry bannana orange thing. It says its 6 juices but theres only 3 mentioned. I wonder what the other fruits are. Damn maybe its like tastes like assberry because I cannot identify it. Slowly going into madness of the dreaded third day. Third cycle begins tomorrow at 11:00 AM.


7:00 PM

Well that nap sucked pretty hard. I felt like I had been drugged before it and after it I only felt moderately like trash. I can't wait for the 11:00 PM nap or death's sweet embrace, whichever comes first. Been playing alot of TF2 and DoTA.

3 AM blunder and recap to 3PM

3:00 AM - 7:00 AM

I went to sleep at 3:00 AM and instantly woke up at 7:00 It did not feel like any time had passed. It was one of those oh shit moments and I thought I was on the decline. I got hurriedly got ready for work and hauled ass to the office. When I got there I felt like absolute trash but I went to the deli and got myself an egg sandwich. That tasted really good but I felt pretty terrible so it did not outweigh the oversleep. I was thinking to myself that I should just give up and all these downer thoughts. I decided to go take my 11:00 o clock nap at apparently 10:30 because I was confused and couldn't read.

10:30 - AM

I went to sleep

11:00 - AM

I felt GREAT like that commercial where the guy screams about 500 hundred babies, babies EVERYWHERE! So I decided to stick with it and I'm continuing on this wonderfully self destructive path I've taken. I've noticed a strange feeling like my body is accepting the bullshit I'm dragging it through.

3:00 - PM

I woke up again and felt awesome I ate a chimichanga because its clearly a light food and I'm an asshat. So I was all peppy and semi hyper and full of energy, then I went to go pick up my friend and I've been in a steady decline since. Its around 5:00pm eastern time right now and I'm starting to become more and more confused and unable to get my ideas flowing. So if this seems disjointed that is why.

Polyphasic sleep is far different from just sleep deprivation. The feeling you get from it is a series of jarring events that keep you up forever and you just get really confused sometimes. Its sometimes not that bad because you get to sleep but its so bad because you don't get to sleep. You'd have to try it to understand what I'm talking about because this is the most ridiculous thing I have experienced. I'm going out on a limb here and saying that this is witchcraft and perhaps demon magic. Not voodoo though.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day 1: 11:00 PM

Gaghtt, I wake up at 11 pm and I feel really weird my balance is off and I'm still groggy. I'm pretty sure that if I had stayed up without doing this polyphasic sleep thing I'd feel alot better. But this whole experience is alot more jarring probably due to the fact that I'm on the brink of sleep and then I'm torn back into the waking world. Back to DoTA, I'm kinda hungry but I think it's just my mind trying to figure out ways to keep itself up in some kind of defence mechanism.

The Beginning

So I've decided to enter a polyphasic sleep schedule because I apparently I had so much fun the last time I didn't remember doing it.

It turns out that last time I attempted this feat I had lasted for 10 days and started passing out at irregular intervals. The apex of that journey was waking up on a mailbox after I had started walking to school that day. I did not infact remember making it that long. I had thought I managed about 3 days in this sleep schedule before giving up. Unfortunately my friends reminded me what was really going on.

This time I am far better prepared with alot more research done on this subject. This time I am not going to take anything that will effect my state of mind (caffine, alcohol). I am also going to be adopting a diet comprised of lighter foods so I wont spend as much time digesting while I am trying to sleep. I've learned from other examples of polyphasic sleepers is that you can add in additional naps as long as they are spaced out decently and still achieve results. I intend to do this for as long as I need to. Also I got a really neat alarm clock this time so theres no way I can fail... The current goal is to last a month like this.

I honestly have no idea what I am going to do with this extra time. Ideally I'd like to work on my artwork and play videogames cause I'm a nerd. I have a copy of hellgate and I'm ready to stave off madness by fighting hordes of demons. Good god this weekend isn't going to go well.

My current nap schedule is 3,7,11 AM/PM for 25 minutes a nap.

Day 1:

11:00 AM

This nap went suprisingly well considering I don't usually take naps and I was not expecting to get any sleep. Strangely enough I was woken up by my unusually heavy egg shaped companion which was glowing orange and screaming. I went back to work and was feeling quite refreshed and more hyper than normal at that given time.

3:00 PM

Took a nap, passed out for a couple minutes again didn't notice much other than the fact that I woke up groggy. I've essentially began looking forward to the next sleep in order to get this over with. BUT I did manage to play some crackdown. In-fact I beat it and said, "Wtf kind of ending is this?" and then went to my friend Tom's house.

7:00 PM

So my asshat of a friend decided to cook dinner on the time of one of my naps so I couldn't eat. Also hes taunting me with soda and other things that I can't have during adjustment. I bet him 10 bucks that I could pull off this sleep schedule. Were playing some TF2 and DoTA