Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lucid dream

So I thought I had lucid dreams in the past. Apparently I had no idea what I was talking about. This was so vivid and the feelings and the sensations were so different from anything else I've experienced. I could feel everything.

I dont know what tipped me off that it was a dream, there was some kind of static disturbance before I "realized" what was going on. Right before that I was in some kind of intense dream where someone had come down my driveway late at night, this also happened to be at my house which happened to burst into flames.

Anyways at the moment of realization I had a choice whether to stick with the dream or go out on my own. I made the best choice, I remembered what my teacher mentioned he did whenever he lucid dreamed which was to fly. So I did, I walked out of my house and leapt into the air. I started hurtling through the air I could feel the pressure from the air and the wind buffeting my limbs. The simulation felt perfect so I decided since it was a dream I can do almost anything. It was dark so I decided to make it daytime and I did, I chose around 2 pm as the time and the sun fucking rose. Time literally shifted into the future for everything but me I assume. At this point I felt the presence of another, like a legitimate other mind was here with me not like the rest of these inhabitants of this world. Something intelligent was here with me and it was not me. This scared me beyond my wits. I thought to myself this is obviously a fabrication but I felt it probing my mind as if it was aware of me just as I was of it. I pushed whatever this phantom was away from me. I flew up into the farther reaches of the atmosphere and it was getting colder and I began to worry about if I can die in a dream like this and what would happen. So I fabricated myself a suit to brave the elements and a oxygen supply. I ended up in space just floating there in the peacefulness of the void. It was an incredible experience. After that the thought of the extra mind just kind of faded as I continued to experiment with what I could do. I flew back to earth but spotted a plane on the way. I don't know why the world persists when you realize you are dreaming. I phased through the walls of the plane, it was complete down to the luggage that I saw for a split second while passing through the walls of the compartments. They were serving drinks on the plane at this time so I phased through the stewardess used my hand which became solid. Took the coke that she was handing to a passenger and downed it. The people were like, "OH GOD WTF JUST HAPPENED!?" which is a suprising reaction to me from dreamworld inhabitants. Its strange how the simulation is so detailed that even other people have reactions to what you do. It is such a life filled world that it really supprised me. But then again someone just phased t It was like the ultimate videogame. I then went back down to earth after harassing the people on the plane. I flew through boston through walls, apparently found a photoshoot changed who the model was the photography team freaked out as I continued through the area. I could read newspapers, I could watch tv, I could see my reflection in mirrors, I could do all these things that are normally not associated with dreams. The dream ended when I lost control and started vomiting hats. Like full hats came out of my mouth.

I'm incredibly humbled by the fact that I could not discern reality from this fiction through my senses. The dream people and their ability to adapt to what I did to disrupt them.

I might skip my 5:00 am spacer nap due to fear of meeting up with the mysterious presence again. Also I feel super refreshed, I am shaking right now. Due to one of 3 factors, adrenaline due to the fact that I had a true lucid dream. Its effing cold so I'm shivering. Last but not least fear of the other mind.

Guys... I think I finally snapped.

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