Friday, December 14, 2007

wensday to friday the strange effects and amazing journey.

So I have been without a personal computer for a while so I havent posted because HP sucks balls.

7:00 AM
I had just woken up from my nap that I pushed forward in order to go on a walk with my mom and dog. During this nap a strange effect happened that I just brushed aside until later. I felt like I had lifted out of my body but was still attached to it by a series of tethers or strands. I was thinking to myself is this what astral projection is like? Not that I actually belive in that stuff. Then I blacked out and woke up at 7:00:am Regardless it was a strange and weird experience. I'm glad there were no githyanki around with their silver swords or I would have been done for.

The rest of Wednesday went off without a hitch I lasted the night without oversleep and I felt great on thursday.

1:00:pm It starts snowing outside to which was told that we were going to get 6-10 inches in a matter of hours. Since this is new england and the weathermen are always wrong I didn't think that it would be that bad. An email went out at work that said get out before 2 because the storm might actually be that bad. So we left as soon as possible, the traffic was already so bad that it took me roughly half an hour to get from my work to the highway which was less than a mile away. After getting on the highway the traffic was just as bad and this went on for another two hours.

3:00 pm (missed nap)
I was still stuck in traffic but I was going to pull off the road to go to a friends house instead of my home because the traffic was absolutely horrific and the snow was really coming down. At around 3:30 pm lights in my car start coming on and off and the engine starts reving for no reason. Then the car dies, in the middle of the highway surrounded by traffic with the biggest blizzard in two to three years coming down on my head. After about 10-15 minutes of sitting in the middle of the highway trying to push my car to the side. Two people helped me shove the dead vehicle to the side. I called tripple A which was busy. Then I called the police, within 2 minutes a cruiser shows up and says they called a tow truck. My friend who was 30 minutes behind me in traffic pulls over to the side and offers me a ride. I said I was waiting for a tow truck and thats what I thought what was going to happen at the time. So he left me there and continues to his home. Took him 7 and a half hours for him to get home.

At around 4:30 the police dont come with a tow truck my car is dead and I'm starting to freeze. At around 5 I see hazard lights coming down the street and hope starts to well up in my heart. The lights come closer and start to pass. I cant really see out of the window because of the snow caked on the side. I open the door after the lights pass because I think that why had parked in front of me to get my car on the tow truck. Turns out theres a three foot snowbank between my car and the highway now. The fucking plows trapped me in. I stopped the one at the end and asked him what I should do. He said just wait for a tow truck. I get back in the car there is no heat left in the vehicle. I cant feel my feet and some of my legs at this point, I call my dad and ask when he can come pick me up and he said maybe 2 hours from now. I tell him that I might just get a ride from someone because things might get very dangerous for me soon. Moments later a 18 wheeler drives over the snowbank and almost smashes my car into oblivion with me in it. 20 minutes later I get out of my car because I cant feel my feet and I don't want to lose them so I start waving people down. A SUV pulls over and talks to me for a moment I ask if I can get a ride. The guy driving it says, "Sure thing" and then just drives off cause hes a cocksucker. The next person that comes by actually lets me in and I start warming my feet. I ask her where shes going and thank god that shes not a crazy person.

Turns out she is heading in the same direction I was and makes plans to drop me off at a dunkin donuts. I call my dad and he says he'll met us there. He is actually behind us on the same highway in traffic at this point. So for the next four or so hours I talk to this woman, turns out she was pretty cool and invites me to a gingerbread cookie party on sunday. My dad calls me and mentions that hes past the dunkin donuts because theres no where to park and goes on to a gas station nearby. The woman is confused as to how my dad got there before we did and I mentioned that hes a wizard with traffic. Which he is, so we get to the gas station an hour and a half later and I'm traded off to my dad. I havent eaten since breakfast and it was 8:00 or 9:00 pm at this point. We walked to a super market and bought some chicken which I immediatly scarfed. It took us till about 9:30 to get back home and I called my friends to let them know I didnt freeze to death like I thought I would. So this is the worst that the traffic has ever been. My dad whos been in MA for 35 years had never seen traffic like this. I make a joke about treating myself with 30 minute naps and then I head upstairs to lay down. I fall unconsious and sleep. I wake up at the times I normally wake up when I take the naps considering its been a week and I felt almost normal while under polyphasic sleep. But I slept through all of them and woke up officially at 8:30.


Well I've been calling towing companies and the state police in attempts to locate my car. I also need to talk to the company that just repaired my car 2 days earlier because they were working on the electrical system and thats what seemed to kill my car yesterday.

I took my 11:00 am nap and it was the strangest nap I've ever taken.

Remember how I mentioned the strange effect on the 7:00 am nap on Wednesday? Thats nothing in comparison to what happened today. I went to my nap I was concerned since I slept through the night last night that I would be unable to sleep. I start to feel the pulses of my mind ramping down and dragging me into the unconsious and then the phone rings and jarrs me awake. However my mind continued ramping down. My body started tingling and locked up in sleep paralysis but I was consious of this. I start typing on a keyboard and entering some information into a computer. Then I remember that I'm not alseep but paralyzed on my bed. So I start typing things and then I return to staring at the backs of my eyelids. Then I'm somewhere else eating lunch with this person at a diner. I know I'm awake so I'm looking around this diner and I then try to look at the person I'm sitting across from's face and I snap back to my eyelids again. Then I start to think that I'm dreaming or something so I start probing around in my mind trying to figure out ways to force myself back into the dream. I manage to pull it off just long enough to attempt to look at the persons face again and I snap back out. This happens 2-3 more times before my alarm goes off and I regain full control of my body.

Honestly this is the weirdest thing that has happened to me since I started this polyphasic thing. Maybe there is something to what these new age religion people babble endlessly about. Although I do not belive in that and I will not, but maybe there is a biological function that they are playing off?

I dont know where my car is :(

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