Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Polyphasic Christmas

(12:22:49 AM) Me: the legend goes that the present goblin tears a hole into our dimension to deliver gifts on the eve of christmas
(12:23:02 AM) Friend: lol whut
(12:23:07 AM) Friend: this is the best
(12:23:17 AM) Me: and if you dont open them that night manifestations of the gifts will fade out of our reality forever.

This is how my christmas went.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Polyphasing still rocking and rolling

So we had a lan party that was going on constantly for the 72 hours of friday to sunday. It was pretty impressive how I saw people rise and fall in shifts. There was so much DoTA it was glorious. Not really know what to say other than still going strong, I'm not dead, I havent effed up enough to stop. Everything is good woot. If you wanna friend me on BNET I am stickofbutter or cabugi

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Juggling sleep

So over the past couple days i've gotten pretty good at shifting naps around to fit events better. That is untill yesterday. I shifted my 8 o clock nap to 9:30 and I couldnt sleep. The 12 o clock nap I didnt get any sleep and so on untill 4 am. Then BAM time flashes forward to 8:30 instantly, I'm half an hour late for work when I wake up and I immediatly freak the hell out. So no more juggling naps for me till I am further into the schedule. I eventually want to be able to switch the entire schedule to an hour earlier or later just incase I need to to fit a new work schedule. Other than occasional oversleeping I'm doing pretty well. I've almost weaned myself off the extra nightly naps.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting in the swing of things.

I've had some issues napping the past few days but it seems most of my fears have been alleviated today when I started to have consistently time dilation naps and dreams during them. Every time I woke up I noticed I was disoriented and could not read my phone correctly for a couple minutes. The letters seemed to be mixed up and it was as if the phone was spelling phonetically rather than the standard english style. I was feeling normal psychologically till today. Now I'm starting to remember what it was like when I was polyphasic full force. I've started getting disoriented and tired 30 minutes prior to a nap which is a good sign. My biological rhythms are changing to reflect the schedule I've forced upon it.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Post Thanksgiving Friendship Bash

So I've been playing halo till about 6 am for the last 2 days with a friend visiting from florida. Its pretty cool to hang out with more than just one person at crazy o clock in the morning. I'm surprised actually how active my friend group is between the hours of 2-6 am. But this is not going to last due to the fact that its vacation for them and they are about to head back to school leaving me and graham alone in the void of non sleep.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Adaption Madness

So for the past 2 days because of turkey day I've been unable to post on this blog. Day 3 went off without a hitch which really surpised me due to the fact that was supposed to be the hell day. I had issues sleeping at naps that day which kind of disturbed me and probably should have prepared me for day 4.

Day 4 was a clusterfuck, the morning was terrible during turkey day but it ramped back up into normalcy. The zombie mode time starting to become more relavant as I go into this thing. I do feel like my adaption period is going better than last time because I am prepared and know whats going on. I'm using so many tactics I learned from last time which I am going to list here if you are attempting this as well.

1. Oversleeping is not bad, you will do it. Essentially your body is still in the circadian rhythm and it is extremely hard to break out of that. Oversleeping does not nessecarilly hurt your chances of becoming polyphasic. What is happening is that your body is fighting sleep deprivation. If you just keep taking the naps every 4 hours you will eventually adapt. You will begin getting tired at each of the 6 intervals during the day and you will slide into the sleep pattern.

2. Increasing frequency of naps when tired or at night. Yet again sleep deprivation is the killer of polyphasic sleep. It feels awful to go through it without helping yourself out. Try to take extra naps at the mid point between the killer nap intervals like at night.

3. Purposefully doing a oversleep during the zombie mode period. This will allow you to essentially skip that horrible mind torturing event. I am not sure if you can skip it every time and still adapt but I've only used this tactic once this adaption period and I feel fine. Just make sure to keep rolling with the naps during the day and you should feel fine.

Not dead, feelin pretty fine, still rollin. Oh yeah!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 2

Initially around 8-11 am I was fairly tired and had some serious issues concentrating but after my 12 noon nap I started feeling alot better. Later on in the day I did not have any issues staying awake or with sleep deprivation. As of right now I feel almost completely normal. My last two naps have been accompanied by the time dilation effect that I had in my previous attempt. Strangely enough I almost feel as if nothing is adversely effecting my health. I did physical tests and actually improved since before I started a day ago. We'll see how it goes in the next few days when the more killer days come at me. My state of mind is either at 100% or very close to it I do not feel much different from when I was not on polyphasic sleep. This concerns me somewhat, maybe the experiment before permenantly changed my sleep rhythm.

The difference between this time and last time is the hunger is much more prominent. I feel like I'm starving at different times during the day and I try to sate it by drinking some water. Maybe this is the grape juice craving? I don't know I never particularly craved grapes last time. I feel somewhat like this is almost natural.