Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Juggling sleep

So over the past couple days i've gotten pretty good at shifting naps around to fit events better. That is untill yesterday. I shifted my 8 o clock nap to 9:30 and I couldnt sleep. The 12 o clock nap I didnt get any sleep and so on untill 4 am. Then BAM time flashes forward to 8:30 instantly, I'm half an hour late for work when I wake up and I immediatly freak the hell out. So no more juggling naps for me till I am further into the schedule. I eventually want to be able to switch the entire schedule to an hour earlier or later just incase I need to to fit a new work schedule. Other than occasional oversleeping I'm doing pretty well. I've almost weaned myself off the extra nightly naps.

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Alex said...

I seem to be having a similiar problem, but I had to skip that 6:30pm nap twice in a row and took extra naps this morning and ended up oversleeping by 6 hours. Grr.