Wednesday, January 30, 2008

week 8

So, I don't know if this is going to be the last week of this experiment or not. It was succesfull and I have no real reason to stop. I don't know the correct way to stop because now I have issues perceiving my life back as a monophasic sleeper. Now that I've wandered into fairly uncharted waters I really don't know the true reprocussions of this are. I think if I continue this too much further I will either learn more about the human mind and dreams than I would ever have before, or I will just decent into madness.

I honestly feel like an explorer wandering off the map. Reality in general feels very different, no one mentioned the crazy psychological effects of entering a dream world 6 times a day. Sometimes it feels like I'm in a high and am in complete control of my senses. Other times like when I have a hyper real dream it shatters my very idea of what reality is. In all honesty, due to the events that happened to me before my polyphasic sleep I cannot tell you what the truth of the world I live in is. Its strange and filled with so many patterns and it feels like the world is telling a story and I'm just along for a ride. Much like a dream. The more I travel down this path the more introspective my views on the world become. I have never been so aware of my own thoughts and how much of my life is spent in the mind rather than the real world. So my huge philosophical question is, "Have I ever in my life been awake?"

Monday, January 21, 2008

Week 6 and MADNESS!

So even though I haven't posted I have been meaning to for quite some time. I guess I'm just lazy. Anyways last wednesday or something like that I had a dream at 11:00 am.

It was about teapots. It was sepia toned. Then I woke up.

When I had awoken I was somewhat paralyzed, I could move but at great effort and very slowly. I had been sleeping in my car like I do when I am at work. But I noticed I was in a different position than when I went to sleep. Also I had apparently put my seatbelt on in my sleep. So I was a little worried if I did anything like sleep driving. I started to panic considering I wasnt able to move. I thought the paralysis would just wear off after a few seconds. It had lasted literally minutes. Strangely enough my phone was in my hand which made me realize something horrible. I probably shut off the alarm in my phone in my sleep and I had overslept. Oversleeping at home is one thing but at work its a whole nother story. So I try to dial my work to get help. But my fingers dont seem to want to move much so I get the phone open and thats about it. I did try to dial but I could not remember where my work's phone number was in my address book without being able to see it. I had to navigate the keypad by touch. At this point I notice I'm breathing funny. I am breathing as if I am still asleep. So I start to wonder if my body is still "shut off" but my mind had woken up. I slowly make my preparations to escape into the world. I take off my seatbelt and open the door. Gracefully like a swan I fall out and land on the concrete. I am cold, I am paralyzed and I am hurting. I really don't like what is happening right now. About a minute passes and then I hear a ring. I hear my phone.

I wake up.

I look around for a second. In shock I realize that that was just a dream. However it was hyper-real it was a perfect simulation like the lucid dream. I check the clock to make sure I did not over sleep. Turns out all that madness happened in under 10 minutes. I was halfway done with my nap. Wow... I made a descision to return to napping regardless of the frightening experience I just had. I go back to sleep. This time I wake up again. I walk into work confused and dazed by my experience. I'm checking things out making sure everything is right just incase I am sleeping still. Hyper-real dreams bring into question whether I am awake or not. In complete honesty. I cannot without the shadow of a doubt tell you if I am in another dream or if this is real experience. It's not like a dream it's more like the holodeck.

Week 6 of polyphasic sleep has rolled around.

My alcohol tolerance is gone. Completely. I get buzzed off half a drink, drunk off one and a half. Brought to justice on 2, beligerant on 2 and a half and time traveller on 3.

About a week ago I found out my tolerance was 3 shots to the floor. This week I decided to make sure it was 3 shots out. So... I drank 3 shots. I was down. I missed waking up. I had a magical journey. So.. as long as I continue this experiment I am not going to drink that much. Honestly I'm still recovering from it's fucking with my schedule a couple days ago. I went to sleep at like 11:00 then I kinda stared at the corner of my room and it was 5 am. I have no idea what happened tonight. no clue at all. All I know is that I'm going to take it easy this week to re align my chi or whatever it is.

At this point it feels like I am between both monophasic and polyphasic sleep schedules psychologically. From where I am both schedules seem weird to me. I can't explain it, they both just seem really weird to me.

My friends have started a betting pool as to whether I am going to go crazy or not.

That is all.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

drinking more

house flooded.

drinking more

house flooded.

5 weeks and smooth sailing.

I've been doing great for about 2 weeks now. Only one big slip up which was last night where I had a alarm clock malfunction. So that sucks but I'm still yawning at naptimes. Still having dreams and still having deep sleeps. At this point I belive that I am the only one out of anyone I know with a regular sleep schedule. Everyone else either stays up late and kills themselves or they have some form of narcolepsy where they just pass out at random times. I still say good morning and good night at the beginning and end of every block of time. I am completely in love with the fact that I have a social life that ends at around 3 in the morning.

A strange effect that I am noticing more and more is that I say I went to bed at a specific time. Basically that time is when nothing interesting happened after that. Like everyone was asleep. I'm breaking up days by the times others pass out now. Its really strange. Anyways I have to nap right now. brb 25

Monday, January 7, 2008


So I think I'm going to take a break from intense 3D modelling for a little while and just play some games. I'ma bust into universe at war tomorrow night. I will plow through it so hard it wish I never played it so hard. The early morning tiredness is beginning to be a thing of the past. I have issues falling asleep when people around me are yelling which can be a problem. Especially in the apartment I moved in to. I have no idea why these people are awake till 3 AM. I'm pretty sure they might be insane. Not that I am complaining, I love the company but I am afraid the downstairs neighbors are going to freak out at us.

All in all good game sir.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


So I dont always have dreams but for the last two weeks I've been having the time dialation naps which is fucking epic.


So I'm almost fully recovered. I honestly thought I would not get better till I stopped polyphasing. Luckilly for me I did. A contributing factor may be that I changed my schedule a little to give myself more sleep. I added a core sleep between 3-7 that I just conked out for 4 hours. I did this for about 3-4 nights and my disease has almost vanished. The last two nights I've gone all the way. I dont feel like I will have to re adapt much, couple days at most. I havent been posting because I've been dealing with moving in and friends who want to play d&d. Yeah thats right I'm a mega nerd. anyways naptime in 9 minutes