Monday, January 21, 2008

Week 6 and MADNESS!

So even though I haven't posted I have been meaning to for quite some time. I guess I'm just lazy. Anyways last wednesday or something like that I had a dream at 11:00 am.

It was about teapots. It was sepia toned. Then I woke up.

When I had awoken I was somewhat paralyzed, I could move but at great effort and very slowly. I had been sleeping in my car like I do when I am at work. But I noticed I was in a different position than when I went to sleep. Also I had apparently put my seatbelt on in my sleep. So I was a little worried if I did anything like sleep driving. I started to panic considering I wasnt able to move. I thought the paralysis would just wear off after a few seconds. It had lasted literally minutes. Strangely enough my phone was in my hand which made me realize something horrible. I probably shut off the alarm in my phone in my sleep and I had overslept. Oversleeping at home is one thing but at work its a whole nother story. So I try to dial my work to get help. But my fingers dont seem to want to move much so I get the phone open and thats about it. I did try to dial but I could not remember where my work's phone number was in my address book without being able to see it. I had to navigate the keypad by touch. At this point I notice I'm breathing funny. I am breathing as if I am still asleep. So I start to wonder if my body is still "shut off" but my mind had woken up. I slowly make my preparations to escape into the world. I take off my seatbelt and open the door. Gracefully like a swan I fall out and land on the concrete. I am cold, I am paralyzed and I am hurting. I really don't like what is happening right now. About a minute passes and then I hear a ring. I hear my phone.

I wake up.

I look around for a second. In shock I realize that that was just a dream. However it was hyper-real it was a perfect simulation like the lucid dream. I check the clock to make sure I did not over sleep. Turns out all that madness happened in under 10 minutes. I was halfway done with my nap. Wow... I made a descision to return to napping regardless of the frightening experience I just had. I go back to sleep. This time I wake up again. I walk into work confused and dazed by my experience. I'm checking things out making sure everything is right just incase I am sleeping still. Hyper-real dreams bring into question whether I am awake or not. In complete honesty. I cannot without the shadow of a doubt tell you if I am in another dream or if this is real experience. It's not like a dream it's more like the holodeck.

Week 6 of polyphasic sleep has rolled around.

My alcohol tolerance is gone. Completely. I get buzzed off half a drink, drunk off one and a half. Brought to justice on 2, beligerant on 2 and a half and time traveller on 3.

About a week ago I found out my tolerance was 3 shots to the floor. This week I decided to make sure it was 3 shots out. So... I drank 3 shots. I was down. I missed waking up. I had a magical journey. So.. as long as I continue this experiment I am not going to drink that much. Honestly I'm still recovering from it's fucking with my schedule a couple days ago. I went to sleep at like 11:00 then I kinda stared at the corner of my room and it was 5 am. I have no idea what happened tonight. no clue at all. All I know is that I'm going to take it easy this week to re align my chi or whatever it is.

At this point it feels like I am between both monophasic and polyphasic sleep schedules psychologically. From where I am both schedules seem weird to me. I can't explain it, they both just seem really weird to me.

My friends have started a betting pool as to whether I am going to go crazy or not.

That is all.

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