Wednesday, January 30, 2008

week 8

So, I don't know if this is going to be the last week of this experiment or not. It was succesfull and I have no real reason to stop. I don't know the correct way to stop because now I have issues perceiving my life back as a monophasic sleeper. Now that I've wandered into fairly uncharted waters I really don't know the true reprocussions of this are. I think if I continue this too much further I will either learn more about the human mind and dreams than I would ever have before, or I will just decent into madness.

I honestly feel like an explorer wandering off the map. Reality in general feels very different, no one mentioned the crazy psychological effects of entering a dream world 6 times a day. Sometimes it feels like I'm in a high and am in complete control of my senses. Other times like when I have a hyper real dream it shatters my very idea of what reality is. In all honesty, due to the events that happened to me before my polyphasic sleep I cannot tell you what the truth of the world I live in is. Its strange and filled with so many patterns and it feels like the world is telling a story and I'm just along for a ride. Much like a dream. The more I travel down this path the more introspective my views on the world become. I have never been so aware of my own thoughts and how much of my life is spent in the mind rather than the real world. So my huge philosophical question is, "Have I ever in my life been awake?"

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