Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2 weeks as of 20 minutes ago!

Woooo. I just passed I milestone, obviously I'm fully adapted(sarcasm). I'm using my dads laptop because well its really hard to stay awake when you don't have something to do. Well I do have things to do it's just that I live with people and it would disrupt them. I cannot watch tv and other things like that out of courtesy. 7 more hours till the family wakes up and I can stop being in a marathon reading session. I started at 7:30 pm lost track of time 11 PM hit I fell asleep woke up and called my friend. Who apparently thinks whenever I'm not in his visual range that I am asleep.

This last week has been a issue. Without the computer I have not realized how much it effects the way I socialize with my friends. I've been recently told by multiple people that "they have not seen me in a while" which I've seen in person just last week. Having to borrow peoples computers to use email is a big pain. Something else I've noticed is that I feel a disconnect from the hivemind. I'm feeling almost withdrawls from this experience not being able to access the wisdom of the human race at my fingertips. I need to get my ether fix somehow.

There are some nice side effects though, due to my I guess feeling of loneliness brought on by this BS I've been talking to people just out in the world more. I've been just blathering at co-workers more than just the office banter. Like I ask riddles and strange questions that I think are important like, "If your hands caught on fire would you use your new found powers for good or evil?" Out at the mall I was spending like 10-20 minutes just talking to the people behind the registers when they weren't busy. It was pretty cool I guess people help you out more when you get to know them it seems. Like just trading names is enough to create somewhat of a bond which let me tell you is an eerie experience. It feels like a guard gets taken down immediately and then the part where people can start laughing at each other and themselves can commence.

Either that or I've been hallucinating the entire day. I've got a very Matrix/The Cave/Descartes kind of thing going on. I guess I can't really tell if I am awake or asleep at this point or when it is or who it is or why. I'll talk more about the finer things in life later, right now I want to get back to my book about space faring dolphins.

On a side note done christmas shopping. Woo. Oh and the oversleep on monday didn't completely ruin me. I had a time dialation sleep this afternoon and again at 11.

Guh madness.

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