Sunday, December 16, 2007

glorious time dialation

I had another sleep where it felt like a good 8 hours had passed. I woke up 2 minutes before the alarm went off in complete shock wondering if I had overslept again. I checked the alarm and thought, holy hell... I did it. This was the second time I've woken up before the alarm ever in this experiment. I felt great, I got up went downstairs to confirm only 25 minutes had passed and glorious success was had. I am 100% coherent I am feeling lucid and I'm less tired than my friend who got a full nights sleep. I'm actually feeling normal today. THIS IS AWESOME! TOTALLY RHOMBUS!

Oh on another note turns out the mass highway towed my car to the newton rest stop for some reason and didn't mention it to the Concord state police. The Framingham state police had a record of where it was and we just went and picked it up. Turns out the alternator blew and thats why my car died. I need to get a new car because this one is just falling apart like my knee used to.

I wish I could say gypsies stole my car. Oh well...

Time to play some DoTA

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