Sunday, December 16, 2007

friggan hell

So, last I talked to my friend the things he said did not really make any sense. He was wispering and mentioned something about not being able to get on the computer. This can mean one of 2 things. This kid has 2 laptops and is the laziest man in the world.

#1 He succumbed to madness
#2 He wasn't home or something.

But enough of that.

I succumb to madness too for the most difficult nap I have... The damn 7:00 am one. Its always been a problem one. Every other nap goes by fine and dandy but this one is such a bitch. Its been the biggest hurdle from the beginning. What happened today is that I came upstairs at 7:30 went to sleep for like a minute. My other friends alarm went off. (Who wakes up 7:30 on a weekend, seriously) So I had about a minute of sleep I reset my alarm and go to bed. I wake up disoriented don't realize that I had slept reset my alarm and pass out again.

Fuck you 7:00 AM stop givin me problems. This is the third time something like this has happened. 7:00 AM is also the only time where I feel tired.

I am adapting well but if theres times where I don't belive I have full control of my actions or the mental clarity to deal with situations as simple as that I hope that the adaptation period finishes soon.

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