Saturday, November 24, 2007

End of Experiment

So the experiment is over I feel really weird right now and completely discombobulated. It will probably be about a week before I'm re adjusted to how time flows again. I seriously have no idea what time or day it is if you ask me.

This conversation pretty much sums up the last couple days.

Me: been sleeping for like the past 2 days :p
Me: I would have told you I declared the experiment over and that it was a success
Me: that it was sustainable
Me: but
Me: I woke up 2 days later :p
Me: so apparently even though I felt more normal than I do now
Me: I had massive sleep debt :P
Friend: um
Friend: nice
Friend: so your body finally rebelled :P
Me: rofl
Me: by rebelled you mean usurped the throne :p
Me: and then burned down all the farms
Me: and freed the dragons
Me: so now theres nothing but brimstone and sulfur raining down upon the countryside

Now I think I'm a try to learn a language.

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