Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Beginning

So I've decided to enter a polyphasic sleep schedule because I apparently I had so much fun the last time I didn't remember doing it.

It turns out that last time I attempted this feat I had lasted for 10 days and started passing out at irregular intervals. The apex of that journey was waking up on a mailbox after I had started walking to school that day. I did not infact remember making it that long. I had thought I managed about 3 days in this sleep schedule before giving up. Unfortunately my friends reminded me what was really going on.

This time I am far better prepared with alot more research done on this subject. This time I am not going to take anything that will effect my state of mind (caffine, alcohol). I am also going to be adopting a diet comprised of lighter foods so I wont spend as much time digesting while I am trying to sleep. I've learned from other examples of polyphasic sleepers is that you can add in additional naps as long as they are spaced out decently and still achieve results. I intend to do this for as long as I need to. Also I got a really neat alarm clock this time so theres no way I can fail... The current goal is to last a month like this.

I honestly have no idea what I am going to do with this extra time. Ideally I'd like to work on my artwork and play videogames cause I'm a nerd. I have a copy of hellgate and I'm ready to stave off madness by fighting hordes of demons. Good god this weekend isn't going to go well.

My current nap schedule is 3,7,11 AM/PM for 25 minutes a nap.

Day 1:

11:00 AM

This nap went suprisingly well considering I don't usually take naps and I was not expecting to get any sleep. Strangely enough I was woken up by my unusually heavy egg shaped companion which was glowing orange and screaming. I went back to work and was feeling quite refreshed and more hyper than normal at that given time.

3:00 PM

Took a nap, passed out for a couple minutes again didn't notice much other than the fact that I woke up groggy. I've essentially began looking forward to the next sleep in order to get this over with. BUT I did manage to play some crackdown. In-fact I beat it and said, "Wtf kind of ending is this?" and then went to my friend Tom's house.

7:00 PM

So my asshat of a friend decided to cook dinner on the time of one of my naps so I couldn't eat. Also hes taunting me with soda and other things that I can't have during adjustment. I bet him 10 bucks that I could pull off this sleep schedule. Were playing some TF2 and DoTA

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