Friday, November 16, 2007

This movie is so bad

me: omg

me: does kevin sorbo not know how to horse?

me: I think they used a stunt double

me: for him riding a horse

friend: rofl

me: This seems like walking tall

me: but without the tension

me: or the racial issues

me: god he better use a 2x4

me: if there isnt one

friend: rofl

me: there will be problems

friend: its a sequel to a terrible movie :P

me: I'ma immediately pop in ghost rider :p

me: actually it wasnt SO bad :p

me: I thought it was unique

me: with the whole beating people with sticks thing

friend: rofl it was direct to video :P

friend: the sequel

me: yeah I knowme: its pretty awful

me: by awful I mean I cant wait till 5 am

me: so I can sleep

me: instead of watching this

friend: lol the daughter of the guy who the movie is about condemmned the film :P

me: the first one?

me: or the terrible terrible sequel

friend: theyre still based on the same guy

me: lol what?

me: hes no longer black? :P


friend: and the rock is hardly black :P

me: hes like

me: wtf is the rock

me: hes uhhme: samoan?

friend: hawaiian

friend: well

friend: half

me: I dont think the sequel was based on the original dude

me: its just like

me: some random guy in texas

me: who used to be hercules

me: and now hes like

me: a starship captain

me: of a time traveling warship called andromeda

friend: rofl

me: This is how I justify this movie

me: he has gone back in time

me: to the 90's

me: to repair the time stream by making a really bad movie

me: with a paper thin plot

friend: lolololol

me: theres just people driving trucks

me: that are vaguely upsetme: I have no idea why

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