Saturday, November 10, 2007

WTF part 2

So I had a dream, that I had woken up went to tom's computer and played DoTA. I think I'm trapped between schedules. Lets see how a slow adaption works as opposed to a full blown head first bullshit fest where I want deaths sweet embrace. I'm not gonna lie but I'm stuck in some kinda crazy half and half sleep schedule. I got 2 hours sleep last night cause I thought I was going to just end it but my body took over and said FU go nap. So I dunno whats up. Mebbe this is a good thing to adapt gradually than to eff yourself over. Like retain some sleep at night and just add in the naps for routine and gradually take off the sleep at night. THIS INTRIGUES ME. So I'ma do my regular naps and see where it takes me.

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