Sunday, November 23, 2008

Return to Polyphasic

I will be re entering a polyphasic sleep lifestyle after being off of it for over a year. This time I will be keeping track of various things to see how polyphasic sleep is effecting my body and mind. I am interested in how the return to polyphasic will effect me due to the fact that I have done this already. Perhaps the adaption period will go alot smoother and less painfully than it was last time.
The only long lasting effects that I have noticed from polyphasic sleep have been the ability to take naps. I used to not be able to do this but now I can ever since I started.

Alright I am going to be going on a schedule of 4 8 12 round the clock and I start tuesday. Yet again it will be the uberman schedule with 25 minute naps. This time a friend is coming along with me for the journey. We'll see if we last through the adaption period. I really hope he makes it because that will cut down on the boredom and social issues alot.

What I am planning to do in order to keep me entertained is:

1. Learn how to use the OCZ NIA to control videogames with my mind.
2. Learn a second language (probably greek)
3. Work on short animated film for film festivals next year.
4. Excersize, books, movies

I'll keep the blog up to date on my status of things so its not just polyphasic but how I progress through these other challenges to maybe make it more interesting.

I am extremely excited for tuesday. I need to get a new portable alarm clock, my old one is broken.

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