Tuesday, November 25, 2008

4:00 AM

So I played some deadspace before going to sleep for the 4 am nap. Turns out the game is really scarry. I was wandering through dimly lit passageways filled with rubble and litter with nothing but a space suit and a gun. Its a really atmospheric game and honestly I dont think I can play it when I am the only one here. Thank god my friend is here too or else I would have hid under the blankets and passed out. While meandering through the space hulk the cat jumped on my leg and I proceeded to flip the eff out. Belive me that I jumped the same way when the aliens attacked me as when the cat appeared on my lap.

I notice the effects of sleep on my friend alot more than on me. His blinking rate and length of time his eyes are shut during a bink has increased. This is interesting being able to see someone else go through this at the same time as myself. I belive that I am probably going to adapt faster considering I have not aquired these behaviors as well.

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